The String Club Apps are the Best Way to Learn!

The String Club Apps are the Best Way to Learn!

We now have Free Apps for iPad/iPhone, Windows 10, and Android 5.0 devices:

iOS Devices

Windows 10 Devices

Android 5.0+ Devices

Whether you play violin, viola, cello, or bass, The String Club app is the best tool for learning music quickly and easily. 

If you are used to The String Club website interactive player, you will notice some improvements in the new app.

1) You now have three ways to learn.  In addition to the familiar scrolling finger numbers, you can now read from traditional sheet music and tablature sheets.

2) Practice loops. For those especially tricky spots, you can set a start and end point and the app will repeat it over and over, until you are ready to move on.

3) Offline play. You no longer need to be on the internet to use The String Club!  The app comes with 12 pieces for each instrument so you can start using it right away. You can also connect to The String Club with a paid membership and play all of the pieces available there.  For any song you want to be able to play offline, simply click "Use Offline" and it will save a local copy on your device for use anywhere, anytime.

4) The improved library and search function allows you to find your favorite music quickly and easily. 

Todd Markey

Todd Markey

Todd Markey is an active orchestral performer in Georgia, frequently heard with the Johns Creek and Carroll symphonies, as well as the Tango Orchestra Club Atlanta. He received a Master in Music Performance in double bass from the University of North Texas in 1997 and taught at Valdosta State University from 2000 to 2004. Todd has a wide range of musical skills, including performance in classical, jazz, and rock styles, as well as composition and music theory. He teaches violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar, and ukulele.

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  1. Michael Avelar
    Michael Avelar 10 January, 2016, 15:04

    This sounds awesome…unfortunately, I don’t yet have access to any devices that you support at this time. Are there any plans to release a MacOS version anytime soon?

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