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Why I Decided to Never Play Video Games Again

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Four Romantic Pieces, No. 1

The Four Romantic Pieces by Dvorak are perfect works for an intermediate level player to study. They were originally written

Vivaldi Concerto in A Minor, mvmt. 1

This arrangement of Vivaldi’s Concerto in A Minor for violin has been arranged for violin, viola, and cello. The accompanying

Sarabande from Baroque Suite

This is the 3rd movement of Todd Markey’s Baroque Suite. A Sarabande is a slow dance movement in 3/4 time

Old Dan Tucker

Old Dan Tucker is a minstrel tune from the United States before the Civil War. It was passed down through

Sheet Music & Tablature

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Dvořák Four Romantic Pieces, No. 1

This wonderful piece by Antonín Dvořák is originally for violin and piano. I have arranged it for viola, cello, and


Hallelujah Chorus Quartet

Get some friends together and play a quartet! Here is a short, simple arrangement of the famous Hallelujah Chorus from


Amazing Grace Sheet Music and Tablature

These versions of Amazing Grace match the versions on the Playalong page. Links to the Playalong pages: Violin Playalong Viola


Pachelbel Canon in D

This is the sheet music of the version of Canon in D that is on the playalong page. It is

Playing & Practicing

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Why I decided to never play video games again

One of the constant challenges as a music student is to make sure to get enough practicing to keep moving

Five Steps for Learning Rhythm

Five Steps for Learning the Rhythm of a Piece This is for students who already know the basics of rhythm

New Content Posting Schedule

Someone asked me recently if I had a schedule for putting up new playalongs. I don’t, but I’ve been trying

How to Record on The String Club

This video tutorial shows you how to record yourself on The String Club. Please note that you can only record

Cool Videos

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Worlds Smallest Violin?

A little fun with a little violin! Baltazar Mónaca plays a short arrangement of Vivaldi’s Concerto in A Minor on

Toyota Robot Plays Violin

The Toyota corporation demonstrated this violin playing robot back in 2007. Its pretty amazing that they developed it to this

Cello Ensemble “Cellostrada” plays Shostakovich

Watch Cellostrada, a unique cello quintet from Poland, perform the Waltz from Shostakovich’s Jazz Suite No. 2.

Orchestra of 90 Basses

The obvious headline for this: All About That Bass. Alternate headline: How many forests had to be cut down for